We are here to support you.

We have a experient support team to clarify any questions that you might have about our system. Feel free to consult the FAQ or the chat.

How can we help you?

Can I have Formly for more than one user?

Yes, Formly allows multiple users to suit your needs. You can choose from our plans and have access to multiple users and mutiple forms.

Can I have users in different locations?

As an online system, we do not restrict the account to locations.

Can I add it to my website?

Yes, you can create a separate page where we insert the script. Please contact us for technical assistance.

Is it Formly secure?

Yes, we have https protocol through the whole page and we use various third party software to protect the data, on and off the servers.

Can anyone create a form or I need to do coding?

Anyone with basic PC knowledge can create forms. We also have technical support to guide you through the processs if there are any doubts.

What happens to my data when I downgrade my account?

Your forms and clients profiles will be available still available as view only. You will be able to create new forms and profiles based on your subscription.

How can I reach support?

Our technical support is available 24 hours online. Our sales team is available during the business hours in your country.

Will my clients be able to use form on their phones?

Yes, thats the point on Formly.

If the person does not have a phone, will I be able to send the form via email?

Yes, anyone with a Phone, PC or tablet can access the forms - as a link or QR code link.

Is Formly available in other languages?

We have a basic translation option, however at this stage English language it the principal language of the system.

Can I customize my form before sending it to clients?

Yes, please see our guides and videos how to...

Can I get my payment receipts from this service?

Yes, we have option of basic invoicing and receipts. Please contact us for detailed information about this feature.